Welcome to violadagamba.com, the largest business of its kind in the US. There is no other place to find, in stock and available immediately, so many sizes and styles of viola da gamba and baroque violin family instruments. If it's a baroque bowed string and you can't find it on the web site please ask - not all inventory is listed here. All instruments sold by violadagamba.com are set up and adjusted by Charlie Ogle. Most of these instruments are made by Charlie Ogle, or in the Charlie Ogle Workshop, a few are by other makers.

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Viols, baroque cellos, baroque violas, baroque violins, and other baroque bowed string instruments. The largest selection of viols in the United States! Click on image above to see our extensive selection of violas da gamba

Societies and organizations:
Viola da Gamba Society of America
Viola da gamba Society of Greater New York (a VdGSA Chapter)
Viola da Gamba Society of Southern Arizona (a VdGSA Chapter)
Viola da Gamba Society-Pacifica (a VdGSA Chapter)
Viola da Gamba Community Information Service
Early Music America
The Viola da Gamba Society of Great Britain
Australian Viola da Gamba Society
Viola da Gamba Society of France
Viola da Gamba Foundation of the Netherlands
Viola da Gamba Society of Japan
Federation of Viola da Gamba Societies(Belgium)
Viola da gamba society of Sweden
Texas Early Music

Kingham MTM Cases (England)
Llaughlin cases (Australia)
Rouillard (Canada)

Damian Dlugolecki
Gamut Strings
Boston Catlines (email)
Pirastro strings

Von Huene Workshop
Boulder Early Music Shop
Lazar's Early Music
William Monical and Son (email)
Early Music Shop (England)
General information sites:
Joelle Morton's Historical Bass Website
Orpheon Foundation
Viola da Gamba Site
Dirk Moelants' Viola da gamba pages
violins i - violin related information

Viola da gamba makers:

Karl Dennis
John Pringle
Charlie Ogle
Warren Ellison
Wesley Brandt
Linda Shortridge
Daniel Larson
Edward Maday

Owen Morse-Brown (England)
Ruby Instruments (J M Goorissen) (Holand)
Judith Kraft (France)
Gesina Liedmeier (Holland)
Francois Danger (France)
Marco Ternovec (Belgium)
Henner Harders & Susanne Küster (Germany)
Arthur Robinson (Australia)

Bow makers:
Ralph Ashmead
Harry Grabenstein
Stephen Marvin

Other instruments:

Kate Buehler-McWilliams (Rebec, Vielle, etc.)

Instrument stands:
Prospect Hill Forge


Pronunciation: 'vI(-&)l, 'vI-(")Ol    Function: noun   Date: 15th century
Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French viole viol, viola, from Old Provençal viola viol
: a bowed stringed instrument chiefly of the 16th and 17th centuries made in treble, alto, tenor, and bass sizes and distinguished from members of the violin family especially in having a deep body, a flat back, sloping shoulders, usually six strings, a fretted fingerboard, and a low-arched bridge

viola da gamba

Pronunciation: vE-"O-l&-d&-'gäm-b&, -'gam-    Function: noun   Date: 1597
Inflected Form(s): plural vi·o·las da gamba /-l&z-d&-/; or vi·o·le da gamba /-(")lA-/
Etymology: Italian, leg viol
- vi·o·list da gamba /-lis(t)-d&-/ noun

The largest selection of violas da gamba in the U.S.A!

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