Chinese bow making is centered in the town of Weitang, where is has replaced freshwater pearls as the primary business. Bow making started with one factory, which was associated with a larger violin manufacturer in Changshu. The first bow factory did not last long but left a lasting impact by training a number of bow makers who later went into business for themselves. There are now dozens of small workshops, each run by a bow maker and perhaps a couple of family members. There are also a few larger shops that employ several bow makers, and some factories with large staffs. Of course the level of expertise of the bow makers, and the quality of the bows, varies greatly between the various workshops. Working conditions vary also- the best workshops are quite nice, while some of workshops would not be pleasant places to work.’s bows come from a few of the small shops where we can get the designs and the quality we require, and can feel good about the working conditions.


Zhoug Gen Lin, one of the bow makers who make bows for



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