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I make Violas da Gamba, or Viols, and provide some information about my instruments here. 

For general information about the Viola da Gamba, or for information about teachers and players of these instruments, try the Viola da Gamba Society of America web page. I occasionally have new viols or used instruments available from stock. There are a number of pictures of my instruments available on this site. If you have questions please send me email, send me a fax at (541)-683-4492, or call me at (541) 683-4500 ( I'm in Oregon- if you call please remember that this is the Pacific time zone!)

I sell Pirastro strings at 25% off list price. (for Viols only - I do not sell any strings for other instruments)

I also sell imported viola da gamba, soft cases for viols, baroque cellos and violins.

Some photos from past trade shows.

There are no good viol jokes, but lots of viola jokes, and someone has put together a whole page of them. If you have a few minutes to spare, check out this site.

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