Prose from the Pro's:

"Charlie Ogle is one of the most trusted and helpful makers and dealers in our viola da gamba community."
Brent Wissick, Past President of the Viola da Gamba Society of America.

"Charlie Ogle is a national treasure. As a maker and repairer of viols he has made it possible for an enormous number of people to enter the wonderful world of viol playing. His generosity and hard work have benefited the Viola da Gamba Society of America for many years. "
Wendy Gillespie, Past President of the Viola da Gamba Society of America.

"...Susanne is thrilled with her viola; it gets better every day..... I must confess that I found the quality of your Beijing instruments to be much higher than I had expected. Blind prejudice? Perhaps, but those are real musical instruments, of which you should be rightfully proud. Is there any chance that deluxe Meares I was playing is still on hand? If so, I think I would be interested in acquiring it..."
John Phillips, Harpsichord maker and President of the San Francisco Early Music Society

"Dear Charlie, I hope that you are doing well ! I just want to tell you how much I appreciate the instrument you have have recommended me to purchase 18 months ago.
I can't tell you how much pleasure I find in sitting with it and playing it every time I do. It is a real jewel, just some great work on your part ! I owe you already some memorable moments with this still new companion. Thank you for sharing your true love and extensive knowledge of the viola da gamba with all of us. You have made me fall in love with it. All the best to you,"

Marc Langis (Bassist with Celine Dion)

"Charlie provides some of the most affordable instruments in history. They are well set up and sweet sounding. He's been around for a long time and will stick by what he sells. I'm enjoying my small bass, which works well for me as a lyra viol."
Mary Springfels, former director of the Newberry Consort

"Charlie Ogle is a fine craftsman as well as a businessman of sterling character, reliable and attentive through all of the nearly twenty years that I have known him. Kudos to Charlie for the important work that he is doing for the world viola da gamba community."
John Mark Rozendaal, founding Artistic Director of Chicago Baroque Ensemble

"Hi David, I am in Macau, China presently and playing for Cirque du Soleil. I haven't touched a violone in 5 months, and one of Charlie's Chinese ones in even longer, but I do remember well how it sounded and felt, because it truly took me by surprise. The G violone of his from China that I played in concert a couple of summers ago had a strong clear focused tone, and was in every way a true viol (not just a wimpy double bass sound, or a beefed up 'cello). So I can be absolutely confident in recommending these instruments; I've been playing Mr. Ogles' 7string bass viol( Bertrand copy) professionally for fourteen years now. In fact I have insisted that Cirque du Soleil contact Charlie and order a Chinese 7 string bass viol from him now that they are agreed to buying one for me to use on stage here, and believe me, they can definitely afford a more expensive instrument. I really have always had great instruments and great service from Charlie, so I wish you best of luck with your new instrument, and enjoy! Take care,"
Jay Elfenbein, Ivory Consort/GambaDream


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