Viols from the Charlie Ogle Workshop in Beijing

Viols from the Charlie Ogle Workshop in Beijing are made for by highly skilled instrument makers. They are crafted from high quality materials. The soundboards are hand carved spruce and the backs and sides are figured maple.

These are quality instruments at great prices. They are well designed, well made, and properly set up. Both students and advanced players will find them suitable for all uses.

These viols (like all instruments from are sold with a two-week return policy. If you do not like an instrument you may return it (in its original condition) for a full refund, for any reason, within two weeks of receiving it.

All instruments come with a case.


Below are pictures from the Charlie Ogle Workshop in Beijing


Charlie Ogle with master instrument maker, Chen Bin, gluing the staves of what might be the first bent viol top ever made in China.


Everything starts with a drawing.



Charlie Ogle with Chen Bin and Chen Ming


Chen Rong


Chen Rong and Chen Ming. The mobile phone system in China is miles ahead of the US with good coverage, low rates, and modern technology.


Li Dao Tuan carving a viol belly

Zhang Xue Mei   Charlie Ogle shaping a bass bar, while Zhang Bin watches.

Li Wei Wei doing some final clean up before varnishing   Yin Yi Meng fitting viol pegs

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