at the NAMM show. A fish out of water? The only viols at the show.
The neighbor, across the aisle. A more typical NAMM exhibit.
NAMM is big. Really big. This is the entrance to one of the exhibit halls. One of four. Then there is the basement. And the Routonda. And upstairs- apparently there is more upstairs, but I never got there. Maybe the other viola da gamba exhibits were up there?
It's a long way from Boston Early Music!
Most of the shows I go to are very sedate, very quite. Sometimes even a bit dull? NAMM is different.
Maybe I should add a light show to my exhibit next time?
Amazing things happen at the end of a show. At 4:55 PM the hall is packed with exhibits and people. At 5:05 the people are gone, 20 minutes latter most of the exhibits are packed up.

The largest selection of violas da gamba in the U.S.A!

Viola da gamba accessories